This brain hole is a bit big: 4 guys pretendered as a bus walk cross the bridge

Original title: 4 young people in Russia disguised the bus for the bridge to be stopped by the police. On November 13, the Golden Horn Bridge in Vladivostok, Russia, some netizens found four young people carrying yellow car paper shells. , cos bus walking. It turned out that these four young people wanted to cross the bridge, but there was only a vehicle traffic path on the bridge. For the convenience of the map, they even thought of a way to disguise themselves as a “bus” and walked onto the bridge. However, it is clear that the police have not been confused and decisively stepped forward to stop them. The plans of the four young people failed, so they had to turn back and return. Extended reading: Russian soldiers are strong! Become a “stone” and accurately attack the Russian Ministry of Defense recently announced a sniper training screen, showing the snipers’ superior combat ability and excellent camouflage. In the video, you can see a masked sniper fighting in the water, aiming at the target in the lake, and a sniper disguised as a stone to fight. In addition to shooting, the snipers’ hands are also very strong, they can quickly slide down the edge of the cliff with ropes, and climb to the tree for sniping.