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Original title: A national school reading editor edited by the Education Bureau is full of mistakes. Response: The manual was revised by the teacher @石家庄桥西 released for the “New Education National Studies Morning Reading Book “I have a covenant with poetry” mistakes, “Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang City” The official Weibo of the Propaganda Department of the Propaganda Department issued a reply to the “District Education Bureau”, stating that “the internal readings of the problems will be fully recovered, and the examinations will be carefully reviewed, and the teachers will manually modify the errors before returning to the students.” On November 13th, there were media reports that the New Education of Chinese Language School, edited by the Education Bureau of Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang City, had a misunderstanding of “I have a covenant with poetry” (the fifth grade book), including “hooking up” into a “hook”. “Through” is a low-level mistake such as “way”, “wax torch” to “Zhaju”, “藩” and “Pan Zhen”. In response to media interviews, the Education Bureau said that the book was edited by the key teachers. Some of the errors in the text were proofreading errors, and some were controversial. The textbooks will be comprehensively proofread, and the confirmed errors will be reported to the teacher and corrected. However, due to the issue of expenditure, it is unrealistic to recall the reprint. On the morning of November 14, the news was interviewed by the Xiqiao District Education Bureau. A staff member said that he would respond to the matter in the afternoon. Shortly afterwards, the official Weibo of the Propaganda Department of the Qiaoxi District Committee of Shijiazhuang City issued the above statement, stating that “this book is an internal extracurricular reading that is freely distributed to students”. “After the incident, the Qiaoxi District Education Bureau immediately confirmed and verified the errors in the reading.” In the above explanation, the Qiaoxi District Education Bureau mentioned that “due to work mistakes”, there were many errors in the internal readings. “Apologize for the adverse effects caused.” In addition, the internal readings that have problems will be fully recovered and re-examined carefully. “The teacher will manually modify the mistakes before returning to the students.” The rest of the internal readers will also be quickly reorganized to ensure that the content is accurate. At the same time, serious criticism was given to proofreaders and responsible comrades.