Experts approve Chinese cigarette packaging even use such inducing text to make children addicted to smoking

The total number of smokers reached 316 million, and more than 700 million people were harmed by “second-hand smoke” and “three-handed smoke”… As the country with the highest global tobacco production and the number one smoking, China’s current cigarette packs are still not used. Printing warning pictures, in the opinion of tobacco control experts, it is urgent to solve this problem. Data Map: The warning map on the tobacco packaging was issued by Xinxia. On the 13th, the China Controlled Smoking Association held a “symposium on the use of warning signs for cigarette packs” in Beijing. The reporter learned from the meeting that at present, there are 118 countries and regions in the world that have printed warning pictures of cigarette packs, of which 105 countries and regions have at least 50% of cigarette packs, and 15 countries have at least 75%. However, as the world’s number one tobacco producer and the number one smoking country, China has so far failed to implement this measure. Experts at the meeting called for warning pictures to be printed on cigarette packs as soon as possible to more effectively alert smokers to the dangers of smoking, increase their desire to quit, and stay away from tobacco. According to reports, China is the country most seriously affected by tobacco. Cigarette consumption accounts for more than 43% of the world’s total. There are 316 million smokers, and 740 million people are harmed by “second-hand smoke” and “three-handed smoke”. More than 1.2 million people have tobacco-related diseases. The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control clearly stipulates that Parties shall adopt laws and implement effective measures within three years after the entry into force of the Convention to ensure that warning images are used on cigarette packets in the form of or including pictures or pictograms and shall be rotated. Use, large, clear, eye-catching and clear, the area should be 50% or more, but should not be less than 30%. “China’s cigarettes are not only beautifully packaged, but individual ones are also extremely tempting.” Xu Guihua, a senior tobacco control expert, said that some cigarettes have printed “every day” and “small goals” on the packaging of cigarettes, encouragingly and brazenly. Teen smoking. “Actually, the use of cigarette pack warning pictures in China has gained the overwhelming majority of public support.” Xu Guihua stressed. According to the China Tobacco Control Association in 2018, 5,230 public surveys were conducted in Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou and Tangshan: 77% of people believed that printed health warning graphics were more effective in telling smoking hazards; 69.3% would not be printed The picture of cigarettes was given as a gift; 65.5% of the people were reluctant to accept cigarette gifts with warning graphics; 77.2% supported the use of warning graphics for Chinese cigarette packs. Duan Jiali, director of the Center for Tobacco Control of the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the beautiful cigarette box packaging is an important medium to induce young people to smoke. At present, the beautiful cigarette box packaging masks the harm of tobacco. “According to our survey of teenagers, they believe that printing large and clear warning pictures on cigarette packs can effectively reduce the temptation of tobacco and reduce their desire to smoke.” Duan Jiali believes that the cigarette case should be As a propaganda position for tobacco control, it is harmful to health through the use of impactful visual effects to educate young people that smoking is harmful. (Reporter Zhang Ni)