UZI was nominated for the TGA Year of the Year e-sports player! The S8 defeat does not deny him… ( reports: What is Uzi’s player of the year? UZI annual TGA best professional player voting address. The annual TGA Game Contest has already started voting. The most anticipated thing this year is that League of Legends professional UZI has been nominated for the TGA Player of the Year. The last winner is the League of Legends professional FAKER, now UZI Can you also get such a privilege? Let’s take a look at Uzi’s Player of the Year. UZI won the TGA Player of the Year nomination and shared it on the TGA voting website. TGA’s full name TheGameAwards Awards Ceremony, a new event sponsored by Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Villefort, replaced the previous VGA and VGX, TheGameAwards is known as the Oscar of the game industry. TGA for short TGA has 27 awards, including not only the annual games, the best soundtrack, the best independent games, the best narrative awards, but also the e-sports series awards such as the best e-sports player, best e-sports The team, the best e-sports event, and UZI was nominated by TGA as one of the best e-sports players. Many LOL players should know that RNG lost to the G2 in the quarter-finals and caused all RNG players to be attacked by public opinion in the country. Among them, UZI was the most attacked, and this UZI nomination was the best e-sports player. It caused a great uproar on the Internet. Whether netizens have heated debates about UZI voting, Xiaobian does not want to express anything here. Xiaobian provides voting URLs for everyone, and it is up to everyone to decide who to vote for. TGA2018 best e-sports player voting address:>>>> Click to enter the above is the Uzi player of the year, UZI won the TGA Player of the Year nomination, TGA voting URL sharing.