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At about 2 am on November 7, a wild boar appeared in the underground parking lot of an apartment in Seoul, South Korea. It was subdued under the containment of firefighters. It is understood that seven wild boars suddenly appeared near the apartment the night before the incident. Ecological park. What should I do if I encounter a wild boar? What should I do if I encounter wild boar in the wild: Under normal circumstances, the adult class is not on the wild boar recipe, so the wild boar will not actively attack humans for no reason, even the wild boar can peace with humans. Getting along. If you suddenly encounter wild boars in the wild, don’t panic, look at the terrain, try to avoid them and it will be fine. If you have a wild boar with a desire to attack, then you should take out your self-defense equipment. If you don’t have one, it is best to use the metal around you. The loud metal hits are usually very scary. In fact, I want to express that wild boars have always been the object of human hunting. In fact, they are very afraid of people. If you encounter wild boar in the wild, if it is not a special case, the wild boar will immediately run away after seeing you. Because their fear of human beings and the instinct to avoid humans have almost been written in genes, like fierce animals like African lions, the Maasai people in red will immediately turn around and flee. Their fear of human beings is actually To be far beyond the fear of human beings. Therefore, if you encounter wild boar in the wild, you usually only need to make a big bang, a group of wild boars will panic and escape, and if you are a lady, do not dare to do such a thing, then you should not panic, as long as it does not attack You, you better pretend to be ignorant and look away from the terrain and walk away. If you see the wild boar when they are facing you and have the desire to attack, then you should form a special situation with them, maybe you intercepted their retreat, causing them to escape from the road; remember when they were young There are too many wild boars in the mountains to go down the mountain to eat rice. The village gathers a group of young and strong to fight wild boars. The old people in the village say that the wild boars that are placed alone should not go to fight, otherwise they will be killed, but they will not be heard because of their afterlife. Going to chase a male wild boar with a single order, one after the birth of the arm was bitten off, and it was a good life to save. Wild boars generally see people hiding far away. Only when threatened, wild boars will desperately fight, and wild boars will be mad. If you encounter wild boars, it is best to climb to the tree, or set off firecrackers. If you don’t have trees, don’t be afraid to go back. Don’t look at the wild boar. Don’t fight wild boar. In fact, the wild boar’s attack power is very strong, and the skin is thick, it is best not to provoke, how far you can hide far away. Be careful when encountering wild boars, especially if a single adult boar is more terrible, wild boars will be more afraid of fire, and can be used if there are related tools. The best thing is not to go alone on the mountain. Now the wild boar is relatively small, but the encounter is still terrible. I live in the North China Plain. The natural environment has been severely damaged in recent decades. Not only are the rivers dry, the haze is serious, but all kinds of wild animals are also close to extinction. Not to mention wild animals like wild boars, even birds and bugs can be dangerous. Intensive human buildings and widely used pesticides and fertilizers have encroached on and destroyed the homes and foods of wild animals and plants, so that they will forever lose the basic conditions for their survival. The first time I met wild boar in the wild environment was in the forest of Germany. It was very magical at the time. Not only was there no fear at all, but it was full of excitement. It was a lonely human being who suddenly saw the same blood in nature. The excitement of the mammalian brothers. At that time, the big pig led the striped piglets and walked through the forest. It seemed that they did not care about the appearance of the surrounding human beings. Because they have been accustomed to peaceful coexistence with the people here in the long-term survival process, just like the swan in the waters here, although not to the extent of food, but at least not afraid of people, not hiding. In such an environment, people must be safe as long as they do not actively attack them. All you have to do is to stand and enjoy or take pictures.