Evergrande FF arbitration results announced! Xujiayin won the attempt, Jia Yueting continued to circle money

Xu Jiayin is angry! Jia Yueting officially responded, the truth behind it is…2018-10-0820:56 Source: Today Changan Technology/Company/Jia Yueting Original title: Xu Jiayin is angry! Jia Yueting officially responded, the truth behind it is… Jia Yueting, who took his benefactor to the court! Everyone is angry at Jia Yueting’s ungratefulness. Everyone is uneasi for Hengda, but no one can see the truth behind it! On October 7, Evergrande suddenly issued an announcement, saying that Jia Yueting had spent the first batch of 800 million US dollars after the car was built, demanding the deprivation of Evergrande’s rights and interests and lifting all agreements! In other words, Evergrande has used up the first money for Jia Yueting to build a car. Now Jia Yueting wants a second pen in advance. If not, he will kick out Evergrande. When the news came out, the netizen was angry: Isn’t this the “farmer and the snake”? At the beginning, if it wasn’t for Evergrande’s Xu Jiayin’s rescue, Jia Yueting’s dream of building a car would have been shattered. For a time, everyone was angering Jia Yueting, the ungrateful “snake”, scum, garbage, villain, but no one looked back at this “farmer” who shouted! Xu Jiayin, chairman of a board of directors of Evergrande, if the snake does not bite the farmer first, the snake will be stewed by the farmer! When Evergrande saved $2 billion to save Jia Yueting, it signed an agreement to pay 800 million before the end of 2018, 600 million in 2019, and 600 million in 2020. The most important thing is to gamble: If Jia Yueting can’t mass-produce and deliver the car by the end of 2018, it will be regarded as Jia Yueting’s breach of contract and divest his control. In other words, once Jia Yueting can’t make a car at the end of the year, Evergrande can pick it up completely, completely control its tram company FF, and kick out Jia Yueting! Secondly, for the “farmer” of Evergrande, he now hopes that the car will not be made, and then the “snake” is stewed. Jia Yueting’s car is completely owned by Evergrande! For Jia Yueting, he already knows that the car at the end of the year may not be made. If he does not bite a bite first, he must hand it over to Evergrande. Just now, Jia Yueting also officially responded, saying that he was allowed to take this step because Evergrande detained money while preventing him from accepting other investments. Are they wrong? It’s all right, a company that wants to keep its own hands-on company, one that caters to the country’s advancement in technology and no longer bears the burden of housing companies. Jia Yueting is a person who falls into the water. Xu Jiayin is the one who pulled him ashore, but there are conditions behind it. It’s very simple now, it’s halfway through, and it starts to doubt each other! Three friends, there are so many “farmers and snakes” in this world. How many kind and simple “farmers” are just the fairy tales of our childhood! Some people say that Xu Jiayin was played by Jia Yueting. He said that Xu Jiayin was stupid and stupid. He did not know that he was the richest man in China and the highest-conscious businessman in China. Some people say that Jia Yueting has turned his back on his righteousness. He does not know that the family has been included in the Lao Lai eight times, and he has been blacklisted. The letter has long since disappeared. Therefore, if the mall is like a battlefield, it will be defeated by the king. There is no right or wrong. The morality of our drip in the mouth is the morality of the springs. Always remember that the world is like chess and the hearts of the people can be expected! A lot of things, what we see is just the appearance. The story of “Farmer and Snake” will never happen again. It is not that the snake does not pay for it, nor that the farmer does not save the snake, but the farmer has changed! There is always only one kind of “farmer” in this world, that is, we are still looking at the commercial war with moral eyes, kind and lovely ordinary people! Back to Sohu, check out more responsible editors: Disclaimer: This article only represents the author himself, Sohu is the information publishing platform, Sohu only provides information storage space services. Read () complaint