Hayao Miyazaki is coming! “My Neighbor TotoroFinished12.14

Miyazaki’s Totoro Cats filed on December 14th. The HD version was released on the line. The classic Miyazaki, the director of Hisaishi’s “My Neighbor Totoro” was released on December 14th. This release will be a high-definition version of Ghibli Studio’s digital restoration and re-production, and there will be two original Japanese soundtracks and translation dubbing, but everyone should prefer the original sound version. The “My Neighbor Totorn” movie was an anime movie released on April 16, 1988. The film mainly tells the story of the wife of the grass wall Dalang, who came back to the country with the grass wall May and four-year-old sister, and met the Totoro. s story. After the younger sister and the May quarrel, I wanted to find the sick mother who was hospitalized alone, but lost her way in the country. Her sister couldn’t find it. She only asked for the help of the Totoro. The gentle and kindly totoro called the cat bus and carried her to find her sister. A romantic journey began. The Totoro is a huge and wonderful creature, but it is not visible to most people. It is kind, gentle, optimistic, and possesses the power of the elves to summon many things that humans cannot do. The Totoro has now become a classic image. The Totoro will be released in different countries every few years. Hayao Miyazaki did not think that the Totoro she created has embarked on the road of “Feng Shen”. It is worth mentioning that the design director of “Super Marines” said bluntly that the image of Dabai is borrowed from the Totoro. Now this animation will be released in mainland China on December 14th, and the favorite friends can revisit the classics.