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On the 30th, the Indonesian National Search and Rescue Bureau organized personnel and vessels to continue searching for the wreckage of the Indonesian Lion Air passenger plane that crashed in the sea the previous day, hoping to find a “black box.” The remains and remains of some of the victims have been sent to the hospital for identification. The Boeing Airliner had a “flying height dip” anomaly shortly after taking off. The Indonesian government and aviation industry experts said that there is too little known information and there is no reason to speculate about the accident. [Unexpected “explosion”] Searchers use sonar buoys and other detection equipment to find the fuselage main body and black box, that is, the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder, on the seabed 30 meters to 35 meters deep near the passenger plane. Some experts who studied crashes said that the location of the passenger plane crashing into the sea is shallow, and the fuselage and black box are usually easier to find than the deep sea crash. The Indonesian government confirmed on the 30th that the Lion Air Jet JT610 flight from the capital Jakarta to Bingang City on the 29th, took off at 6:20, lost contact with the ground control center at 6:32, and fell into Java, about 15 kilometers northeast of Jakarta. Sea waters. Fishermen near the port of Jakarta told the media that they had witnessed the plane crashing into the sea and did not hear the explosion. The Swedish “24-Hour Flight Radar” website tracked the JT610 flight trajectory and found an abnormality, that is, a sudden drop in flight height, two minutes after the passenger plane took off. Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee Chairman Surjanto Jayano said that two minutes after the departure of the passenger plane, Indian captain Bavi Seneja reported to the ground control center that there was a problem with “flight control”, requesting that the flight height be allowed to be The 518 meters was raised to 1524 meters. The captain then requested “return to the base” and was approved, and then lost. [Continuously “anomaly”] Lion Air said that the crash was an almost new Boeing 737Max8 passenger aircraft, which was off the assembly line this year and the first commercial flight on August 15. Captain Seneca is 31 years old. Since 2011, he has served as a low-cost airline operator, with a total of 11,000 hours of flight with the first officer. The two recently passed physical examinations and drug tests. Lion Air said that the night before the crash, the passenger plane had a “technical problem” on its way from Bali, Indonesia to Jakarta, and arrived in Jakarta after disposing it according to the “standard process”. Lion Air did not further explain the “technical issues”. The BBC reported that the 28th aviation log showed that the airspeed data was “unreliable” on the way from Bali to Jakarta, and the flight height of the captain and the first officer showed inconsistency. According to the information of the “24-hour flight radar” website, the passenger plane plunged nearly 267 meters in 27 seconds after taking off the night. The pilot then stabilized the speed and altitude, but the altitude was lower than the previous record of the same route. [Too much “unknown”] This is the world’s first airborne Boeing 737Max series aircraft. The stock price of the manufacturer Boeing Company of the United States fell on the 29th. The 737Max series is the latest generation of Boeing 737 aircraft, with upgraded engines and new winglets for greater fuel efficiency. According to the airline rating website “Airline Rating”, Boeing had delayed the release of information before it delivered the first 737Max aircraft to its customers in 2017. The 737Max series engine manufacturer is a joint venture between General Electric Company of France and Safran Aircraft Engine Company of France. Lion Air confirmed in April this year to order 50 Boeing 737Max10 narrow-body aircraft, according to the Boeing catalogue price of $ 6.24 billion. After the crash, Lion Air announced the suspension of negotiations for the order of 10 737Max8 aircraft. Scott Hamilton, general manager of the well-known aviation industry consulting firm Liam, told AFP: “It is too early to guess what is wrong with the aircraft. In addition to the flight tracking information, it shows that it is falling rapidly. There is still too much information. We don’t have it.” He said that investigating the cause of the crash requires consideration of multiple factors, including the safety record of Lion Air. Lion Air is the largest privately owned civil aviation company in Indonesia. Since its establishment in 1999, there have been many security incidents, resulting in the complete destruction of six passenger aircraft. The only previous fatal air crash occurred in 2004, killing 25 people. In 2006 and 2007, the United States and the European Union respectively included Lion Air on the “no-fly” list and lifted the ban two years ago. [Waiting for “miracle”] Muhammad Szczeg, director of the Indonesian National Search and Rescue Bureau, said that 10 complete victims and some wills have been found. Lion Air said in a statement on the morning of the 30th that the remains and relics that had been found were distributed in 24 corpses and arrived in a hospital in Jakarta that morning for identification. Among the passengers on the passenger plane, the Indian captain Sueneja and an Italian passenger are known to be foreigners. Photographs released by the Search and Rescue Bureau show that the passengers’ personal belongings are salvaged at the port of Jakarta: ID cards, driver’s licenses, backpacks, children’s shoes… Some passengers’ relatives gathered at the Sukarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, waiting for the search results and praying “ The miracle appeared. The 23-year-old Lutfinani Putri told Reuters that her 22-year-old married husband, Deer Feida Fabrizio, took the plane to Bingang and was ready to work on a cruise. Putri said that her husband sent a photo of him in the cabin at 6:12 on the 29th and stopped responding after 3 minutes. The two are happy, and they got married two weeks ago. “I saw the news, and compared the flight number with the photo of the ticket that Derry sent to me, I immediately cried out.” The crashed passenger plane contained 8 crew members and 181 passengers, including 3 children. Indonesian National Search and Rescue Agency spokesperson Yusuf Latif said on the 29th that these people are afraid that all of them will be killed. If they can find survivors, they are “a miracle.”