The woman played net car in the middle of the night, and the wrong car sexually invaded and killed!

Home>Judgement>Criminal case A woman was sentenced to a five-year sentence for a sexually assaulted driver on a car. 2018-08-2315:52:21 Chinese court network news (Shen Danyang Xingbo) Women’s horses rushed through the night train and passed alone. On the way to the train station, Ma found that the route was seriously deviated. Ma Mou, who had a problem with the driver, was smart to open the WeChat location to the cohabitation roommate, agreed to the alarm time, and sent a distress signal to the WeChat group. Through the shared location, the police found the woman and the network car she was riding, avoiding further personal injury. A few days ago, the Weidu District People’s Court of Xuchang City, Henan Province, heard the case. The defendant Meng Mou was convicted of rape and sentenced to five years in prison. One day in September 2017, Ma bought a train ticket from Xuchang to Beijing at 10:00 on the mobile phone. On the night of the ride, Ma made an appointment to the Xuchang train station on the taxi software. At about 9.20, the driver Meng received a horse. After driving for a while, Ma felt that the vehicle had deviated from the direction of going to the train station, and at this time it was already 9.50, and he had to ride. The train must not catch up. Mamou, who is prepared for prevention, told the driver to send himself back to the starting point of the bus and send a WeChat share to the roommate, telling her that if she did not return at 10:30, she would call the police. Ma found that the route of the return trip was seriously deviated. Because it was driving at night, the lights were few and the people were thin, the road was very dark, and it was not the way back. She quickly sent a distress signal in the WeChat group of friends. At this time, Meng Mou parked the car on the sidewalk. At this time, Ma immediately opened the door and got off the bus. Meng Mou took the WeChat transfer fee and forced Ma to pull back into the car. Ma tried to escape twice, but was forced to stop by Meng. At this time, Ma began to cry out for help and used his mobile phone to smash into Meng’s head. Mengmou threatened that there is a knife in the co-pilot’s toolbox. If you resist again, you must use a knife. Ma’s heart was very scared, and he was afraid that Meng would kill himself. Under the pressure, he was sexually assaulted by Meng. Roommate Zheng Mou is always unable to contact Ma, decisive alarm. Through the WeChat shared location, the police found the network car that Ma had taken, and Ma was rescued. The court held that Meng had used violent means to force sexual relations with women, and his behavior constituted a crime of rape. The facts of the crime were clear, the evidence was true and sufficient, and the above judgment was made according to law. The judge reminded that more and more diverse modes of transportation, such as car, taxi, and windmill, bring convenience to people. At the same time, sudden incidents such as sexual assault and personal injury are frequently seen in newspapers and networks. Which way to travel, personal security protection can not be simply placed on the supervision platform or industry self-discipline, especially the majority of female friends, but also need to improve security awareness and prevention skills, especially women who travel by car in the middle of the night try to choose to go with each other. Avoid riding alone; after getting on the bus, it is best to sit in the back of the driver to check whether the doors and windows of the vehicle are reliable. When the danger is found, the door can be successfully opened for self-rescue; when the vehicle is walking, the window is reduced to two-thirds. Location, easy to call for help when you find an abnormality; when you are driving, you can deliberately let the driver hear you on the phone to describe to the friend the details of the vehicle such as the license plate number, the location of getting on and off, etc., so that the driver has scruples; During the journey, you should always pay attention to the route of the vehicle, try to choose a route with good light and large traffic; when you find that the route deviates from the destination , Immediately remind and correct. Editor in charge: Wang Na shared: