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Home>Entertainment>Star News>Star Gossip>How is the Rose Hot Pot Birthday Cake? What is the Rose Hot Pot Birthday Cake? What is the Rose Hot Pot Birthday Cake? What is the source of the Rose Hot Pot Birthday Cake: Ai Xiumei 2018-10- 2711:25:25 Editor: Yangshuo [Guide]: October 26th is Rose’s birthday. Rose’s hot pot cake in the live broadcast of the birthday attracted many netizens’ eyes. So what does the Rose Hot Pot birthday cake look like? Take a look! What happened to the Rose Hot Pot birthday cake? Yesterday was the 34th birthday of the mainland actor 7 brother Rose. Rose lived on the Internet for a birthday, and also baked out his own hot pot birthday cake, let’s take a look! The day is the 34th birthday of Rose. On the night, Rose celebrates her birthday on the Internet. In the live broadcast, the rose has a special hot pot flavor cake, the cake is made of hot pot bottom material, and the surface is covered with dried chili peppers, which makes people shiver. Later, her daughter, Lucky, also appeared in the live room to kiss, super cute. Netizens have commented: “It really is the Sichuan sister who loves hot pot.” However, the makeup of Rose in the lens has been squandered by many netizens. The makeup in the lens is too thick, the face is white, the eyes are red, and the face looks like Changed, people who didn’t know thought that she had just finished singing, and at first glance she was really afraid to recognize it. The value of Rose is quite good. Her aesthetic is not the same as others. She likes to paint her face very white. What is the birthday cake of the Rose Hot Pot? It is the birthday of Rose on the 26th. As the wife of the wife, Li Chenghao is naturally the first time to send a blessing: “Wait for you to come back, my 007”, and the time of the blog I chose it at 0:07, and I am very interested. Li Chenghao sent a blessing to his wife. The picture is quite love. On the mirror of the bathroom, she wrote a birthday greeting to her wife. She also sweetly expressed her “I am a rose, I love you very much.” “Li Cheng, who is not good at writing Chinese, does his best to write the words of blessing to the most neat, not forgetting the serious typography, and a few small loves that are specially decorated, so that the whole house exudes a romantic atmosphere. After netizens saw this microblog of Li Chenghao, they naturally sent blessings and expressed their envy of this sweet surprise. However, there are also careful netizens who have found blind spots! “This word was written with a lipstick!??”. Netizens have said: “Let’s say, which lipstick you ruined.” “When you are finished, the lipstick will be applied to the mirror casually!” “I am willing to eat this dog food!” Careful attention is really a lipstick, dare to use 戚Brother’s lipstick writing, Xiao Bian is also Zhu Cheng’s brother good luck! However, every year, Rose’s birthday, Li Chenghao, is very careful. It is no wonder that netizens say that Li Chenghao is a favorite wife and madman. Next: The last page of the label: Star Eight Roses Entertainment Gossip