The defendant secretly ate the old father will in court, and was fined 50,000 by Beijing Daxing Court.

In a trial of a testamentary succession case, the defendant Lu Bing, in order to destroy the evidence, even put a piece of paper testament evidence of the plaintiff Lu Jia into his mouth, chewing and swallowing it. Because Lu’s behavior constituted a nuisance civil lawsuit, this afternoon, Daxing Court decided to impose a fine of 50,000 yuan on Lu Bing, but Lu Bing refused to admit that he “eats evidence” and refused to sign the penalty decision. According to the reporter’s understanding, the original will of the case has been confirmed in another effective judgment. The failure of Lu Bing to destroy the original evidence does not affect the trial of the case. Case: In the trial, the plaintiff Lu Jia and the defendant Lu Yi, Lu Bing, Ruding brothers and sisters relationship. Lu Mu died in 2001. After the death of Lu Mu, Lu Fu bought a house and made a will. After the death of Lu Fu, the house was inherited by Lu Jia. After the death of Lu Fu in 2016, because of the dissent of the will, Lu Jia went to court and demanded that the court ruled that the house under the name of Lu’s father was inherited by himself. The three defendants assisted in the transfer of the house. The scene of “eat evidence” occurred in the court of the Daxing Court Development Zone. During the trial, on the morning of September 21, 2018, the plaintiff appeared in court by the agent, and the defendant responded with Lu Yi and Lu Bing. The court’s surveillance video clearly recorded the details of the trial at the time. “A will, two judgments, the defendant issued a cross-examination opinion.” The judge turned over the evidence submitted by the plaintiff’s agent to the court. The testament was the original. The judge reached out and handed the defendant’s defendant, Lu Yi, to the judge. The evidence was passed to the defendant Lu Bing. At this time, the will placed at the top of the evidence material was accidentally dropped. Lu Bing grasped the remains of the fallen, and quickly squeezed into a group on the thigh, and squatted in his hand. Then he picked up the glasses case, calmly put on the glasses, and pretended to look at the evidence of the plaintiff. Just when the judge asked the plaintiff agent for the purpose of the evidence, Lu Bing quickly stuffed the widow paper into the mouth, chewed and swallowed, and drank four waters to help him eat the evidence. At the same time, Lu Bing took another copy of the will from the table and placed it on the evidence. “Look at the will, is it the original, is the authenticity recognized?” Because Lu Bing’s movements are concealed quickly, the judge has not found the abnormality of Lu Bing at this time. Because it was really difficult to swallow, Lu Bing hurriedly took another sip of water when he heard the judge ask his own question. The result was awkward and coughed up. “Sorry, a little cough.” Lu Bing then issued a cross-examination of the will and the two judgments. Opinion, “The authenticity of the will is not recognized. This is not my father’s signature. The verdict is authentic, but the content is not recognized.” The judge asked the clerk to record Lu Bing’s cross-examination opinion and asked the defendant to return the evidence to the court. . But when the judge looked at the evidence that the defendant was still back, he found it at a glance, because the original is the yellow paper is the letter, “This will is not the will I just gave you.” Lu Bing answered very firmly, “Just This, you give me this!” The judge showed the will in the hand to the plaintiff’s attorney, and the other party gave a negative answer. “This is not the original.” The judge saw the case and ordered Lu’s original to be returned to the court and released Ming Lu C, if not returned to the original, will be determined to deliberately destroy the evidence, but Lu Bing refused to regret. After the Daxing Court verified that the original remains of the case were in the mouth of the ruins and swallowed, the original evidence was lost. On-site: a fine of 50,000 yuan Daxing Court held that the behavior of Lu Bing constituted a nuisance civil suit and decided to take enforcement measures in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Civil Procedure Law. This afternoon, Lu Bing came to the court and sat in the dock. The judge announced the punishment decision in court: “The court has verified that Lu Bing has the act of destroying the evidence, the circumstances are bad, and he refuses to repent. His behavior has constituted a nuisance civil suit. According to the Civil Procedure Law and related regulations, the court decided to The fine is 50,000 yuan. It is limited to pay before October 24, 2018. If you do not accept this decision, you can file a reconsideration with Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court on the date of receipt of this decision. During the reconsideration period, this decision will not be suspended. Execution.” “I don’t agree with this punishment decision. I don’t sign. I ask the court to show me the video of the so-called ‘destruction of evidence’. I want to supervise you.” Lu Bing refused to sign the penalty decision. “You gave it at that time. “I am a copy.” “At the last trial, we asked you to watch the video, but you refused. The trial notes at the time were already recorded. We are going to show the media now, but we can no longer condone your volatility. Behavior.” The judge said, “If you do not sign, it will affect your right to reconsideration.” “Well! I just don’t sign!” Lu Bing beat the table several times, strong attitude . In view of the emotional excitement of Lu Bing, the judge announced the adjournment and allowed the bailiff to take Lu Bing out of court. Interview: Eating evidence does not affect the case to continue the trial. “He thought that he had eaten the original evidence. This evidence is really gone. It is too simple.” The judge told the reporter that in another previous case, the judgment was The original will has been found by the court. “Eating evidence does not affect the continuation of this case.” The judge also told reporters that although Lu Bing did not sign the penalty decision today, if the court does not pay before October 24, the court will enforce it. ”