Don’t you count? Fugitive to Groomsman for friends. Please enter the police station.

Original title: Fugitive to a friend to be a best man wedding scene was taken away the bride and groom married a man who was listed as an online escape because the friend got married, went to be the best man, and was invited to the police station at the wedding site. The incident took place on October 1st at a holiday villa in Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu. This man is coming to a friend’s wedding and is the best man. But because the man went from Nanjing to Nanjing, he wanted to live in this mountain resort with accommodation at night. The staff of the villa asked the man to show his identity document and the man was not willing to show it. The alert staff looked for an opportunity to report the police. After receiving the police, the police station of the Baguazhou police station in Qixia District quickly rushed to the scene. The police repeatedly asked the man’s true identity and entered the police platform for enquiry. This investigation found the man’s secret and took it away from the wedding scene control. It is understood that the man Hu, 27 years old, Liaoning. In September 2012, the Liaoning police were listed as online fugitives on suspicion of dangerous driving because of drunk driving. At the same time, the police found that the man was very suspicious. After a urine test, he found that the man had just taken poison. It can be said that the French Open is not leaking. At present, the man has been handed over to the Liaoning police by the Nanjing police for further processing.