Xi’an rent car driver Hida unannounced visit reporter was banned from practicing for life

0 WeChat QQQQ space microblogging rental driver 踹 unannounced visit to the reporter, refused to load the seat does not hit the table! It is forbidden to live for a lifetime. October 10, 2018, 13:14:08 Source: Baijia No. Editor: Dove recently, the media reported that individual taxi drivers in Chang’an District of Xi’an are in the subway, making seats, refusing loads, not playing watches, etc. phenomenon. During the unannounced visit, the driver tried to beat the unannounced reporter. The reporter learned from the Changan District Taxi Management Office on October 9 that the incident occurred around 14 pm yesterday. After the incident, the management immediately suspend the driver’s license to rent a car and asked the taxi company to violate the regulations. The vehicle shall be suspended for punishment, and the rectification opinions shall be submitted within 3 days. Regarding the driver’s unregulated service and poor attitude, the relevant staff of the Changan District Taxi Management Office stated that they have stopped the operation qualification of the driver involved and listed it in the blacklist of the taxi industry in Chang’an District. Xi’an Taxi Management Office revoked its taxi driver qualification certificate. Xiong Jie, deputy director of the Changan District Taxi Management Office, said that the driver’s bad attitude also reflected that the taxi company’s corporate responsibility was not in place. This afternoon, the Changan District Taxi Management Office convened the taxi company in the area to reaffirm and refine the relevant requirements for taxi operation. The company was asked to call all drivers to learn the Xi’an taxi management regulations and 18 irons. regulation. In the afternoon, the reporter conducted a return visit to the subway stations in Chang’an District. Apart from the taxis that stopped passengers at the scene, there was no taxi to smash here. [Previously reported] Xi’an citizens reported to reporters that Xi’an Chang’an District Aerospace City subway station taxis have a seat, do not play the table and other phenomena, then the reporter went to the space city subway to find out. When I came to the scene, the reporter saw that many taxis stopped at the subway station, and according to the regulations of Xi’an Taxi Management Regulations, Changan District Taxi Management Agency was supervised and guided by the city taxi management agency. The relevant departments of the district should regularly educate the drivers on the legal system and professional ethics and business quality, and should enhance the awareness of civilized services and standardize services. Is the taxi at the subway station subway station doing this? The reporter observed that it was discovered that the taxis refused to load and did not hit the watch sometimes occurred. In the face of passengers who did not want to make a seat, the driver also appeared very “patient” and repeatedly persuaded. Subsequently, the reporter boarded a taxi that had already spelled two people and started an unusual ride. The taxi driver told the reporter that he is now carpooling, otherwise he will not be able to hit the car. When the reporter asks if the driver is playing the watch, the taxi driver will let the reporter directly give ten dollars. After some rounds, the driver will still report the reporter with the other. Two passengers were sent to the destination. The whole journey took a total of 12.3 yuan. The driver received 10 passengers in the passenger seat, 10 yuan in the back seat, and 12.3 yuan in the reporter, totaling 32.3 yuan. With such a big contrast, it is no wonder that the drivers did not hesitate to break the rules. Then, the reporter returned to the Space City subway station and prepared to take a taxi to leave. The result was a refusal. When the reporter asked why the taxi driver did not leave, the driver who refused to carry it did not pay attention. When the reporter prepared to take pictures and leave the license plate number information, the driver suddenly stopped and asked the reporter to get on the bus. After the reporter refused to get on the bus, things did not end. The driver directly got off the bus and asked the reporter for the phone to delete the material. The reporter refused to get on the bus again. The driver was very angry and his words were very fierce. The reporter was on the scene in front of the staff of the transportation administration and tried to attack the reporter several times. Such a taxi driver is really eye-opening. Until the reporter leaves, the other party has been parked in the vicinity and does not want to let the reporter get on the bus.