Positive energy! The documentary “22″ donated 10 million yuan box office receipts

At the same time, all donors jointly decided to invest in the Shanghai Normal University Education Development Foundation, and set up a special fund for the “Comfort Women Research and Assistance” project at the Shanghai Normal University Education Development Foundation, which was named [Shanghai Normal University Education Development Foundation]. “Special Fund for the Research and Assistance of Comfort Women” project. As soon as the statement was made, “China Film Report” contacted the film sponsor Zhang Yiyi and the film director Guo Ke for the first time. Zhang Yuyi expressed his gratitude to the reporters for their attention to “China Film Report”: “We feel that if things are too small, there is no need to come up with it. After all, when the license was granted, it was approved. This time, I will honor this matter.” Director Guo Ke said, “Donation is a normal fulfillment of commitments, that is to do a general thing.” The following is an interview with director Guo Ke in “China Film Report” (hereinafter, Guo Ke said, “I want to honor my promise.” I have enough money to drink enough.” In fact, before the film was released, I said that I would donate all my income. But this settlement time is long, so I don’t know how much I can get. Suddenly there is so much money, I think I have to think about this thing: What should I do if I lose so much money? Life, every day is making money, enough to eat enough, I don’t need so much money, since I am helping these old people, of course, donate. The documentary film “22” In fact, during the Spring Festival, we have already given the old people a part of the money, I think it is enough for their annual living expenses, but also improve their living conditions. There are only 22 surviving elderly people in the film so far only 6 are still alive. If they have any physical condition, they can go to see a doctor. In fact, to be honest, the money was donated and actually did not help too much. The old man is so old, you give her 100,000 yuan, how can it be used? We just think that through this matter, everyone can pay attention to this group, can change their status quo, and let the old people and their families feel that there are so many people in the society who are paying attention and care. This is enough. Director Guo Ke and Surviving Seniors Shanghai Normal University Su Zhiliang is a research expert on Chinese comfort women. He has been working on comfort women for more than 20 years. When I first started to contact this subject, I was exposed to Su, and he also provided me with a lot. help. Every year I go to see the old people. They are all taught to collect funds and bring the funds to the old people. So I think it is very difficult for Professor Su to do this. So I decided to donate money to the school. Shanghai Normal University), a special fund for comfort women was set up for the life and medical care of the elderly, and the donation of money also allowed them to be consistently dispatched and managed. In fact, everyone in the movie “22” knows that it is not a good film, and I have no ability. The main influence is that it is a social phenomenon, and then there is a good time to have good feedback. Recording the film “22” I think we still have to see the essence of things clearly. Through this matter, we have gotten such attention and it has been cheap and sold. This is just a normal phenomenon, and the money should not be taken by me. I will honor my promise. In fact, you changed to my position, I think you choose to be the same as me. Everyone sees it now is only the result, right? If you come along like me and see these old people, you must be the same as my choice. “At noon, I talked with Zhang Yiyi. In the evening, she gave me 1 million.” I thought that if I could take a good shot, it would be a success to cut it out completely. Since the documentary entrance line was not particularly large in 2014, especially the subject matter, we did not think about the result, and felt that we were satisfied with the film in accordance with my own feelings. Zhang Yiyi joined in the most difficult time for filming. She said that I want to support this movie, tell me how much I need. I talked about this at noon, and she called me 1 million at night. Zhang Yiyi thinks about these details carefully. I feel that I really need courage, especially when we are not very familiar with it at the time. I think it is really good and rare. Just like my relationship with Zhang Yiyi, my relationship with the old people is mutual understanding. When I saw these old people, I knew that these elders had experienced so many injuries and sufferings, but they would still be full of love and very good for the younger generation. She is gentle to you, gives you a smile, cares for you, and I trust anyone to report it to Lee. The documentary film “22” I think that for young directors, I really don’t always think about how much I have to earn, how many box office I have to get. It’s just a simple shot of a film. Simply facing the movie, it will be better. In the past 60 and 70, the directors were closer to that era. They will have some forms of their own emotions. When you are slowly separated, you will have some feelings and new perspectives. In fact, as long as everyone has such a heart, as long as the heart is correct, no matter from what angle, it is no problem. I believe that a generation will be better than a generation. If you grow up after 90, they will have a new perspective on history, and they will be more calm and objective. 1/4 of the next page is the twenty-two donation of only 10 million to fulfill all the promises. For more hot news, please pay attention to the cool information channel!