Female lawyer said that being touched porcelain law enforcement attracted attention

The female lawyer was touched by porcelain, and the female lawyer filed a document. She claimed that she was subjected to police “touching porcelain” law enforcement in the police station and was asked to undress and be inspected. On the 9th, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau that the police have noticed the above-mentioned online posts and are communicating with relevant departments. After verification, they will reply again. Sun Shihua said in the net post that due to the agency case, his client Li Xiaoyu came to the Hualin Street police station at 3 pm on September 20 to talk with the police about the bail pending trial of Li Xiaoqi’s husband. According to Sun Shihua, when the police station waited for more than 5:00, a police officer slammed his work permit to her. Sun Shihua then raised his hand to cover it and was accused by the police of “attacking the police” and was then violent. Subsequently, Sun Shihua was asked to take off his clothes for inspection. The naked body process lasted for about 20 minutes. He took photos, fingering and urine tests as required. He also received about 6 hours of interrogation until he was released at 11:50 that night. Sun Shihua said that in the early morning of the incident, he and his family members asked for an investigation at the Hualin Street police station. After that, the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau and the Tsuen Wan Branch sent inspectors to inquire and make transcripts, but so far no reply has been received. On October 9, the Beijing News reporter contacted Sun Shihua and his husband. The two confirmed that the above-mentioned net posts were actually issued by Sun Shihua. At the same time, Li Xiaolu, who was on the scene at the time of the incident, also told the Beijing News reporter that he was also asked to undress for inspection on the same day. The Beijing News reporter called the Hualin Street police station accordingly, and the staff of the police station refused to respond to the matter. The Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau said that it has already understood the above situation and is communicating with relevant departments. After verification, it will reply again.