Alipay denied that China’s Koi’s default also took the opportunity to make a wave of ads.

Alipay koi can be determined, life can be really too exciting 2018-10-1011: 21 Source: is like the text ah Ma Yun / father / red envelope original title: Alipay koi can be defaulted, life can be really too exciting When it comes to Alipay, the recent Chinese koi “Shin-Small Stay” is shining under the glory of Ma Yun’s father. I am also desperate and envious of the five fans. Why are everyone, people, and small winners? Why do everyone use Alipay, the letter is small to win the prize; why everyone likes Mayday, the letter is small and won the prize; why everyone forwarded the Weibo, the letter stayed in the prize. Heaven…Yes, this is Weibo: Yes, on October 7th, the winner of this wmls letter is a small stay: there are also various Koi in the lottery: but they are all lost in the letter of luck. Next, I guess it’s probably that these koi have passed on good luck to others. After all, the people who forward koi for good luck every day are really too much wife and wife. Alipay official is very rigorous, and then issued a 40-second video, a separate microblog for the Chinese koi letter small student, told her “some of these are some of these are “Gifts for you”: Although it is not clear what is specific inside, but from the last time the specifications of the Tmall 618 spree activities, using the knee to think about it, I know that Alipay will not be ill-treated by the Chinese Koi. Tmall 618 spree reviews: Just when everyone was envious and envious, the story came to a big reversal, saying that this Alipay is a default, and it was set before the start of the event. The reason is that on Alibaba Cloud, there is a domain name named xinxiaodai that has already been registered. It is suspected to be the same as the Alipay China Koi. Make me funny? Look at my Honghong-style indifference: this netizen is not calm, if Alipay is really fixed, then ask Ma Yun Dad, how do we feel like we are playing the lucky ones in the lucky draw? Fortunately, Alipay quickly gave an official explanation: This is not obvious enough: you have too many weak ideas to win. Ok, I am the weak force of the global lottery insulator. No matter what kind of lottery, I have never had a share, even the Alipay red envelope. When others smoke a few thousand pieces, I can only get two or three cents. Recently Even more unpleasant, directly to me a history of a penny. The same is the person who brushes Alipay. Isn’t Ma Yun’s father too unfriendly to me? When will I give me a big gift to make up for the young mind that I have been hit by lottery in these years? Finally, I like the statistics of this letter… I hope that all the friends who love Chen Xinhong in May will be able to find a good luck! Image source: Alipay / letter small stay Sina Weibo. Back to Sohu, check out more responsible editors: Disclaimer: This article only represents the author himself, Sohu is the information publishing platform, Sohu only provides information storage space services. Read () complaint