Private public funds to pay back gambling debts Men’s “bitter plan” robbed by police

Mobile version of the website navigation beauty about the women’s network, to be the most beautiful yourself! Beauty about women’s mobile phone version of the home beauty slimming makeup entertainment constellation clothing health emotional maternal and child special video new things home>new things> private swallow public funds to pay back gambling debts> text privately swallowed public funds to pay back gambling debts or failed to pass the police 2018-10-0914 :49:29 Source: Beauty Women’s Network Editor: Xiaohua Tutorial: Recently, there was a ridiculous thing in Wulongquan, Jiangxia District. A man called the police to rob him. When the police arrived at the scene, one The hourly investigation of the case turned out to be a bitter drama by the man himself who swallowed the money. In recent years, there have been many cases in which the group has been trapped. In the past few months, in Bangkok, Thailand and four Buddhist temples adjacent to Nakhon Pathom, the Thai police have enough evidence to prove that the famous abbots of Bangkok’s famous Jinshan Temple have swallowed public funds, so they were arrested and brought to justice. Recently, a ridiculous incident occurred in Wulongquan, Jiangxia District. A man reported that he had robbed him. When the police rushed to the scene, an hour of investigation was originally a case in which the man himself swallowed the money and staged it. A bitter drama. Then follow the Xiaobian to see this thing. On October 7, the Jiangxia Public Security Bureau received a man’s alarm, claiming that he was robbed next to the Wulongquan Substation in Jiangxia District. Then the police rushed to the scene and saw a black motorcycle fell on the concrete road. A man wearing a white T-shirt was sitting in the grass, bruised and bruised. He was crying out loud. The man named the policeman called Tang. He told the police that he was going to deposit the $28,200 in cash that the unit leader had handed over to the bank. He was intercepted by a motorcycle during the trip to the bank. Two strange men jumped from the car, beat him, fled the scene after stealing money. For this case, the police immediately reported the situation to the Criminal Investigation Brigade, which was highly valued by the Criminal Investigation Brigade. After some investigations, the truth was finally discovered. The police handling the case went to the nearby banks of the regular deposits to access the monitoring and electronic water account display. , 28,200 yuan was deposited in a personal account and then transferred to someone else’s account. That is to say, Tang did not carry cash out on the road at all, and the facts in the video and Tang’s description are not exactly the same. Under the investigation of the police, the police officer Tang Mou said that he often helped the security chief to go to the bank instead of saving money, but because his online gambling lost nearly 30,000 yuan, seeing that the repayment date is approaching, he can’t change it. The above paragraph. When he received the charge transfer task of the section chief again, he moved his mind and thought that after he deposited the money into the bank to pay off the debt, he came up with a play code that wanted to be confessed. Netizens said: “This summer vacation is a pity, debunking the ugly face of the people around you, the family’s madness, transfer of assets, bigamy, accustomed to three, privately swallowed public funds. Everything is just the beginning.” “This technology is too late.” This kind of person can not be closed for a few days besides knowing the hiring?” “Is there such a wicked person, don’t you punish for a few days, and the conscience can pass.” Sharing the private money This column has no next article related to reading privately funded repayment of gambling debts or bitterness or failed to pass the police recently in Wuxiaquan, Jiangxia District, a ridiculous thing happened, a man The police claimed that they had robbed. When the police rushed to the scene, the one-hour investigation of the case turned out to be a man’s own swallowing of money and a bitter drama. … Japanese military service street arrested businesses no lower limit hype to lead the public anger “11” National Day just passed, the network has spread a number of men wearing Japanese military uniforms to swim the street video, attracting countless netizens. It is reported that the organizer of the incident has been detained by the police. … driving and crushing his wife to escape. At present, the police have controlled the suspects. The human tragedy that occurred during the National Day is also numerous. Someone has sent a video on the Internet. In the video, a black car is repeatedly crushing the woman who fell on the ground. what’s going on? Why is this happening? …There are guns and casualties on the streets of Bangkok. Are there Chinese tourists? According to foreign media reports, on the evening of October 7, two groups of gun battles took place in Bangkok, Thailand. Since the shootout took place near the Watergate Mall in Ratchathewi, it was a visitor who was waiting in the parking lot for a tourist bus. …The danger of high-speed swindling sons on behalf of driving and thinking is extremely good. During the Golden Week of the 11th National Day, many people will have a good time to travel with the whole family. Unexpectedly, on a certain expressway in Hubei Province, when the police are on high-speed duty, I found that the driver’s seat of the car and the person in the passenger seat were changing positions. …Remember that wages in wages may increase in October. Wages are money or objects paid to laborers as labor remuneration. The term wages first appeared in the Eastern Han Dynasty Liu Long as an emperor in AD 106. The discovery of gold is a modification of the way wages are paid on the basis of the annual salary. …Betta fish APP National Day quietly off the bottom of the fighting fish is what is in the live broadcast circle, betta live broadcast can be described as a wind and water, but also successfully jumped to one of the largest live broadcast platforms in China. However, some netizens have recently discovered that during the National Day holiday, the Betta Live App has quietly been removed from the major application markets. … Pingyao fake vinegar is currently involved in the “Made in China” Pingyao ancient city of Pingyao, the old vinegar is one of the specialties that most tourists come to travel, in the ancient city, vinegar cans of various sizes and colors, The vinegar jars are also placed inside and outside the vinegar shop, attracting the attention of countless tourists. …beauty slimming entertainment constellation costumes healthy emotions mother and baby new things