EU October 19th ruling whether approve Microsoft acquisition GitHub

01/People’s Daily Overseas Edition: Where does Sino-US relations face historical choices 02/People’s Daily Review: A speech to Burns Chinese youth has something to say 03/Wangke Island: Jia Yueting is tearing up with Xu Jiayin? 04/Official talk about the decline of individual economic indicators: conditional ability to achieve the annual goal 05 / I love my family intermediary bribery tax taxation tax avoidance joint hand-off points benefits 06 / the Ministry of Finance brewing large-scale tax cuts experts recommend five years tax cuts 5 trillion yuan 07/National Standing Committee will increase the tax rate for export tax rebate from seven to five in the year. 08/Pingyao False vinegar Tracking: Pingyao shuts down and rectifies many problems. The vinegar factory counts in the county 09/Huayi Brothers: the movie box office is less than expected. Entertainment pressure 10 / Strictly adjust the scope of the shed to improve the shed change monetary resettlement policy 01 / Romer repeatedly visited China to see his five original speeches recorded 02 / Review: Shanghai stock index fell 3.72% More than 200 points in the market fell more than 200 points 03 / CSRC female director second trial for offense and changed to say that a CEO is a lover relationship 04 / the biggest bubble in human history will be broken? This year’s most bullish market may be the first researcher of Yaomin 05/Minsheng Bank: Why did A shares fall after the RRR cut? 06/10 On the 8th, the listed company’s evening announcement express 07/A shares fell nearly 4%, and the net outflow of foreign capital was nearly 100. Is this fear or greed? 08/ Gree Electric: It is expected that the profit of the first three quarters will increase by 33%-40%09/Who is in the “selling” A-shares? Northward capital outflows nearly 10 billion in the history of the fourth largest 10 / Review: Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks net outflow of 9.604 billion since the opening of the deep stocks since the opening of the second high 01 / five major funds finished the national day before the net worth not moving 02 / was double open The governor took the theft case: after 90, the bank staff wanted to get black and get a penalty 03/policy combination punch: the central bank just lowered the prospective finance minister and brought heavy information 04/money is not enough to spend the downgrade? 38 pictures tell you the truth about China’s consumption today 05/10 on the 08th in the sale of high-yield bank wealth management products at a glance 06 / central bank monetary policy committee: attach importance to counter-cyclical regulation, good supply gate 07 / People’s Daily to talk about financial disputes: consumers need their own Put a good security off 08/three ask the central bank to lower the standard: Why? What is the meaning? Who is good for? 09/one tax threshold is adjusted to 5,000 yuan. September wages are also taxed according to the new standard. 10/Crazy postage card: member companies sit on the control and rise and fall. A large number of investors are looted.