Dengsha is being a thief Why is Dengsha being a thief?

A few days ago, the news that actress Dengsha angered a shop on the Internet caused a lot of hot discussion on the Internet. As can be seen from Deng Sa’s exposure, Deng Sha was mistakenly turned into a thief during the process of buying clothes. Still almost alarmed the police. Deng Sha said: “This is a black shop!! When the son left the class, he strolled around his house and bought three pieces of the bottom. He took a bunch of things and sent a message to the store. The first reaction was to buckle. Didn’t pick it up, the security guard saw me stop and looked for it. The original bag was still hanging on the bottom of the bag. He said that he was looking for the store manager to handle it. I thought about forgetting for a while. I am sorry to give it to him. As a result, a female manager came to say that I was stealing things and letting me check out, then the clothes were 199 yuan. It was really ridiculous. I said that she couldn’t convince her to believe that I stole him. Home clothes, I said that she would call the police and go to the police!! I can’t wait for the police to come to the time. I will directly throw a few pieces of clothes to them, and the small ticket will be on my face. This is my mistake. I can see this kind of sly manager and security guards don’t say that 199,19 yuan will not be given to you.” When the incident came out, many netizens expressed sympathy for Deng Sha’s experience and slammed the low-quality clerk with her. Many netizens also believe that as a public figure, Deng Sha will not steal goods worth 199 yuan. This should be a misunderstanding, but the attitude of the clerk is really irritating. Many netizens said: “The suspicion is reasonable, but the manager did not listen to the explanation at all, and determined that the family is a thief, and forcibly let the customer pay, which is too hurtful! You should look at the monitoring and investigate the matter clearly. Let’s make a final conclusion! The customer said that he was his own mistake. He was thinking about how to apologize. She just disliked being so embarrassed!” It is understood that Deng Sha’s works are basically playing a supporting role for many years. She is superb, even if it is not the protagonist, it is still very bright. On the appearance, Deng Sha is beautiful and looks very recognizable. On the strength, Deng Sha’s acting has its own eyes, and Xue Baozhen’s in the “Yu Yu Chuan”, Li Miaoren in the “Beauty of the Beauty”, Huo Jianhua’s version of “Swordsman”, and Zhang Guifei in The Lonely Fang. Waiting for her to be carved into the wood three points. Some time ago, with the popularity of “Mom is Superman 3”, Deng Sha was also a little fire. Her son, Da Linzi, also has countless powders with a lovely image. The mysterious husband of Dengsha is actually a big man. He is the son of a well-known wealthy businessman in Hong Kong. He also said that Dengsha wanted to be a wealthy wife at home after he got married. Later, when he was bored at home, he planned to come back to filming. At the beginning, “Mom is When Superman 3 was on the show, the program group felt that she was not well-known. Later, her husband sponsored the program to help her wife get a variety show. And from the program, Da Linzi’s hobby also indirectly exposed Deng Sha’s family. Deng Sha wants to bring children to play American football. You know, this project has few people playing in China, and it is also very high in the United States. Can let children learn American football, it can be seen that Deng Sha’s husband is extraordinary. 50% of the article remaining