The most serious traffic accident in the past 10 years in the United States two cars collided to 20 deaths!

0 WeChat QQQQ space microblogging New York car accident 20 people died scene picture exposure New York car accident 20 people died cause is October 2018 20:25:06 Source: American Overseas News Network Editor: Innocent [Qiaobao reporter Nike October 7th Los Angeles report] On Saturday, a luxury wedding car crashed at a crossroad in Upstate, New York, killing at least 20 people. According to the Associated Press, a person familiar with the investigation of the crash accident said that among the victims, 18 were in a luxury wedding car and two were onlookers. The person was not authorized to openly discuss the preliminary information and to speak on Sunday in an opaque manner. Local reports said that the luxury wedding car was serving a wedding party. The authorities said that no further details will be confirmed before the press conference at 3 pm on Sunday. The name of the victim was not announced. Emergency responders from the Sheryl County Sheriff’s Office, the New York State Police and the Red Cross arrived at the scene. (Source: Fox News video screenshot) The accident occurred in Schoharie, near Albany, New York. The police received an alarm call before 2 pm on Saturday, saying that a serious car accident occurred at the intersection of State Route 30 and 30A in Skohari. One of the luxury wedding cars that collided with was carrying many weddings. guests. New York State policeman Richard O’Brien said at a press conference on Saturday night: “At this point, we can tell you that this is a collision between two cars, this time The accident caused many deaths. The investigation is still in its infancy. The accident happened near the Apple BarrelCountryStore, a popular destination for tourists in the fall. According to the TimesUnionofAlbany, the store parking lot was full of cars and full of pedestrians. Witness Finnagen, near the incident, told WTEN that she screamed after a loud bang. “I heard a loud noise, I came out from the front door to see what happened,” Fenner told TV. “I saw a lot of people beside the parking lot of Apple Bucket, and then I heard screams. Then I saw a big van, this is a very unusual car, appeared in Schohariri. In the bushes, it hit a tree.” Witnesses said that they heard a huge crash when they made a mistake and found a big van hitting a tree. (Source: CNN News Video Screenshot) Emergency rescuers from the Sheryl County Sheriff’s Office, the New York State Police and the Red Cross arrived at the scene. Cause of the accident is being investigated. On Saturday, Apple Bucket made a statement on its Facebook page, thanking the first responders. The store said it is open on Sunday. “You may know that there was a terrible accident in front of our company today (Saturday). First of all, we would like to thank all the emergency services that responded. We are very grateful to all of you,” the store said and added. “Heart and pray for each” person involved in the accident.