Student Council Self-discipline Convention What’s going on Student Council’s internal bureaucratic atmosphere is serious

In the case of the student organization under the bureaucratic system, in the event of the accountability of the new student meeting, the lower grade student who is the officer of the bureaucrat is accused of speaking and not paying attention to the identity and manner because the chairman is the “scholar”. In the chat, although the chairman did not appear, he was always on the top. “Civil-cadre-chairman”, this hierarchical system reflects the characteristics of the student organization system management system. A few months ago, the appointment of the “Senior and Deputy Student Cadres” of the Student Union of Sun Yat-sen University revealed that there may be problems in the student organization and the bureaucratic model. On July 19, 2018, the official WeChat public account of Sun Yat-sen University Student Union issued the “Zhongshan University Student Union 2018-2019 Academic Year Selection Notice”, which publicized the appointment of more than 200 student cadres. In the “secretary body” and “composed departments” sections, the announcement specifically indicates whether some positions are “direct ministerial level” or “deputy ministerial level”. The appointment announcement immediately sparked heated public opinion. Criticism refers to its bureaucratic approach. The “strategy system” was proposed by the German sociologist Marx Weber. Its main features are: internal part-time work, and each member’s powers and responsibilities are clearly defined; the position is divided, the lower level accepts the superior command; the organization members are qualified for each professional technical qualification and so on. The application of bureaucratic management mode in college student organizations has its existence significance. Student organization power stratification, power division, etc., is conducive to improving the efficiency of organizational work, avoiding unclear responsibilities between organizations and individuals, and mutual deduction. At the same time, this model also helps management and policy down. On the other hand, it has also been pointed out that in the special organization of student organizations, the bureaucracy does not apply. In the university, everyone is equal, but the bureaucracy reflects the concept of “position grading, superiors obeying lower level command”. Such a management model and organizational structure may bring bad habits. Under the bureaucratic system, the presidential cadres in the incident may have a strong sense of substitution and create a “power illusion.” The bureaucracy of the bureaucracy is like a “small society.” College students living in ivory towers will inevitably be affected by bad social atmosphere. Abnormal power relations and bureaucratic habits permeated the campus, so there was an incident in which a student organization in Sichuan mentioned above asked the secretary to send a Mid-Autumn blessing and wrote the wrong name and was asked to punish. This malformed power relationship not only exists between the upper and lower levels of the student organization, but also casts a shadow over the relationship between the most common upper and lower students. Previous page1234Next page