Budget of the United States judge is accused of sexual assault Trump: He should not be treated like this

Chinanews.com reported on October 6th that the US Senate held a procedural vote on the 5th, and successfully passed the confirmation procedure of the Supreme Court Justice candidate Kavano to the final step with 51 votes to 49 votes. The final vote of the Senate is scheduled to take place on the evening of the 6th local time. With the previous “swing ticket” senators expressed their opinions, the confirmation of the Kavano nomination is a foregone conclusion. As of the evening of the 4th, the fate of Cavano remained unresolved. Four of the 100 senators did not publicly say how they would choose. Three Republican members – Arizona Senator Jeff Fleck, Maine Senator Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska made a choice on the 5th. Among them, both Fleck and Collins voted in favor, and Murkovsky voted against it. Another West Virginia Senator, Manchin, who had not publicly commented, chose to stand side by side with his Republican colleagues and voted in favor. After the vote, Murkovsky made it clear that she will vote against the final procedure on the 6th. “He is not a suitable candidate for the Supreme Court now,” the senator said. On September 4, local time, Cavana, who was nominated by US President Trump to serve as the Federal Supreme Court Justice, attended the Senate Judiciary Committee’s nomination hearing. China News Agency reporter Deng Minshe plus 48 votes in favor of Kavano and the same number of negative votes, the final result is 51 to 49. The result opened up a 30-hour debate process and laid the groundwork for the final “showdown” on the 6th. The final vote may be scheduled to begin in the evening of the same day. As the nominee of Cavano, US President Trump has been paying attention to the nomination progress of Cavano. After the Senate opened the “green light”, he immediately sent a congratulatory message on the social networking site and wrote: “I am very proud to vote for ‘YES’ Advancing the nomination of Judge Kavano! On the other hand, in order to increase his chances of confirmation, Cavano published a column in the US Wall Street Journal on the 4th and launched a “closed statement”, acknowledging that he was in the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. The testimony was “very emotional,” because he faced “unlawful and sometimes vicious accusations” and had to defend himself. Cavano was accused by at least three women of “misconduct”. Last week, he and the first woman accused of his sexual assault, California female professor Ford, publicly testified and attracted the attention of the whole United States. In this hearing, Cavano firmly denied Ford’s allegations.