People are not much! Charmaine Sheh responds to the cabinet: Don’t guess

A few days ago, the rumor that Charmaine was released from the cabinet caused a lot of netizens’ heated discussion. According to photos taken by netizens, the interaction between Charmaine and a female was quite close. Such a move also caused misunderstandings among netizens. This incident was also posted on the magazine. It is understood that this person and Shi Shiman share the same living and play with women is the agent of Charmaine Chen Chenyin, Chen Zanyin, English name Joanne, is the daughter of the famous Hong Kong actor, before the rumor with Charmaine, it is the same sex Han Junting, the “Asian Miss” of the close friend, had an affair. Later, Chen Chenyin also clarified that she had tried homosexuality, but it was not what she wanted. For the recent incidents of Charmaine and Chen Zaoyin, Ayi responded on the Internet: “She is my agent, my comrade-in-arms, my super good friend, don’t make unnecessary speculations.” In an interview, he also said “No. The facts do not respond.” It seems that for this matter, Charmaine’s attitude is very clear. For this kind of message, it is also disdainful to explain, and Auntie said that it is quite domineering. In fact, Charmaine’s heterosexuality has always been very good, and there are rumors of love with the male stars such as Chen Hao, Zheng Jiaying, Zhang Zhilin, Lin Feng, Wu Zhuoyu, etc. However, now, her rumored boyfriend, whether they are married or not, is also a good thing. Nearly, they all have their own happiness, and Charmaine is still one person, a little lonely. After 22 years in the business, after taking two TVBs, Charmaine, when she was interviewed by Hong Kong media, she never lacked love. She was 42 years old and she was not in a hurry. Because she is happy, she will not grieve herself. Claiming not to rule out that they will get married. All the good sisters around have been married, and asked if there is no marriage pressure for Charmaine? She responded: “It’s useless to have pressure. Although I spent a lot of time on my career, I didn’t miss love. I just didn’t meet someone I thought was suitable for life, but I won’t Marry and get married, because I feel that my happiness is the most important, I hope to meet him.” It is worth mentioning that before the poems of Charmaine’s rumors are basically first-line students, only Chen Haomin and Zheng Jiaying. When she first joined the line, Charmaine and Zhang Zhilin collaborated on the film “Moonlight in the fifth day of October”. The TV series was also a couple of screens. In 2002, she filmed the movie “Love Soda Machine”. She sparked a spark with her opponent Chen Haomin. She was dragged for 4 years, but Chen Haomin’s character was wiped out, which made Auntie unable to bear it and left him. Later, there was a relationship with KC. At that time, both of them were sharp and stunned. They were called golden boys and girls, but KC and Chen Haomin were helpless, so they did not end. There have been a few episodes during the period, but because the time is too short, it will not be listed. After experiencing two sore feelings, Charmaine also expressed his feelings: “Women should be self-reliant and rely on themselves. Feelings will follow.” Speaking of marriage, whether it is married or not, is a personal matter of Charmaine, but she is a star. As a public figure, her all kinds of people are concerned, and fans actually want her to have a happy home. 50% of the article remaining