Netizen Chengdu Nightclub Occasional Wang Sicong Send a comment: No reservation can only stand and play

On the evening of October 1, many netizens sneaked into the Chengdu nightclub on Weibo to encounter Wang Sicong video. In the video, Wang Sicong and his friends stood in the nightclub crowd and were ridiculed by netizens: money is not a panacea, and you can only stand and play without planning in advance. Wang Sicong and his friends stood in the nightclub crowd. Chengdu nightclub encounter Wang Sicong and friends standing in the nightclub crowd carnival Chengdu nightclub encounter Wang Sicong and friends standing in the nightclub crowd carnival Chengdu nightclub encounter Wang Sicong and friends standing in the nightclub crowd carnival extended reading: Wang Sicong gave up the League of Legends S race officially retired career 31-day 100% win rate Tencent sports news Beijing time September 19, iG team AD player Wang Sicong (ID: WXZ nickname: principal) officially announced today retired, iG manager said that if Wang Sicong does not retire, he must follow the S8 Schedule. Throughout the career of President Wang, although only appeared once against the VG team, but also won the game, and ranked first in the professional player win rate list with a 100% winning percentage. Wang Sicong officially retired iG manager Weibo announced Wang Sicong retired “national husband” Wang Sicong, I believe most people are no strangers. For the e-sports audience, he may be more famous, create iG e-sports club, set up ACE e-sports alliance, integrate live broadcast platform… Wang Sicong can be regarded as the “leader” and “pioneer” of the entire Chinese e-sports industry. “. Rich and willful? Initially on the LPL field, 掀 电 电 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王The application is within the scope of the rules. Then the official of the League of Legends officially said that he did receive the application of Wang Sicong and admitted that his application was in accordance with the rules. (LPL has promulgated the “2018 E-sports Standards”. In the “E-sports Player Membership” item, the competition party will divide the entry conditions into four parts. The first is age, the players participating in the e-sports competition must be at least 17 years old; Followed by the regional player status requirements, that is, the requirements for nationality; the third is the job qualification, requiring the player to have the legal residence rights of the country to which the division belongs and has the qualification to work in China; the last one requires the player not to be official And related personnel.) As soon as this news came out, the e-sports circle public opinion exploded. Some netizens said that this behavior hurts the development of the league and is not respectful of the opponent’s VG; but there are also netizens who don’t think it’s too big to think that this adds more traffic to the LPL event and will promote the player registration system. perfect. Wang Sicong became the oldest player of LPL. “Wangyuan 烬” became the classic picture and was stunned as “Wangyuan 烬”. On August 19th, Wang Sicong officially appeared on the LPL in the id of iG.WXZ. iG against VG, it should have been a game without suspense, but because of the addition of Wang Sicong has become unusual. The traffic of the major live broadcasts of the day has broken tens of millions, and Zhengda Plaza is full of seats. () In the game, Wang Sicong chose this hero as his professional debut, and the former AD player Yu Wenbo (id is Jackokelove) as his assistant. In an interview before the game, Wang Sicong also said that he was very nervous as a player standing here for the first time, and he did not sleep well the day before. The headmaster who has not experienced the cruel training of professional players was once killed by the VG people several times due to the radical movement and disengagement with the team in the early stage of the game, which made the team inferior. VG’s wild Zhao Xin was joked by netizens after the game: “The next time you go to Wanda, you must be super doubled.” However, when the two sides fought to the later stage, because iG’s upper middle road had certain advantages, and then cooperated with the principal’s double-killing, the final reversal won the game. In the game, the principal’s position and team performance were counted as nets after the game, such as “Wangyuan 烬” and “forward this Wang Sicong, the opposite AD is three times more output than you, you can also lie to win the game.” “and many more. () Born in 1988, Wang Sicong appeared in the LPL field and broke the record of the oldest player previously held by Zhang Qinghuan (ID: Marin). President Wang’s 100% win rate: A player who voluntarily gave up the S race, the P-picture of the game, has always been a dream of the principal. He loves e-sports and not only invested in the iG club, but also made a lot of e-sports. Contribute, he took the lead in standardizing the treatment and management system of professional players, and also created the Panda Live Platform, giving the retired players a chance to work. He has won the Esports Outstanding Contribution Award and played an indispensable role in the development of e-sports. However, due to the announcement of the S8’s replacement rules, if the principal continues to register as a player of the iG team, he will need to follow the team to the World Tour. Due to the rules, and already dreamed, after the club and Wang Sicong had a good communication, the principal finally chose to retire, but the network segment did not forget to ridicule that “a player who voluntarily gave up the S race.”