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Original title: Sweet tea dating Depp daughter? Lafayette’s favorite little fairy is completely obsessed with it. Recently, some netizens met the sweet tea Timothée Chalamet and Depp daughter Lily-Rose Depp to buy things at the coffee shop. Lily is intimately licking the waist of sweet tea. Are these two people already in the rhythm? Before that, the two were also photographed together in the park, interactive relatives, and the love story began from that time. It is said that the two were due to the drama, before the film “The King of Lancaster”, in the film Lily as the wife of sweet tea. Sweet tea 95 years, Lily 99 years, two children are young and rich, if they are really together, then bless them. However, Lily recently exposed a set of photos but surprised many people. This suddenly rising sacrum, and a slightly thick arm, dazzled, did not recognize it, this is LilyRose. Even the long, slender legs of the past were straight and thick for two full laps. This child is going on? Blessed? The whole person was at least half swollen from head to toe. Lily-RoseDepp is the daughter of superstar father Johnny Depp and supermodel mother VenessaParadise, and has been shrouded in g halo since birth. In 2014, he starred in the movie “Long Teeth” and officially entered the entertainment circle. In 2016, he won the image spokesperson of Chanel’s fourth-generation perfume promo, and became the most loved model of Lafayette. At a young age, she was mixed up in the entertainment circle and the fashion circle. The Lily in her impression was a ghostly look. The face is a combination of the good genes of father and mother. Temperament, it is the literary and casual nature of Dad and the unique French cold and romance of her mother, which can be felt in her body. The whole five senses are exactly the same as their mothers. It can be said to be the mini version of Venessa. Although only 165 tall, but because of the small skeleton and a good proportion, wearing a dress, elegant and generous, it is no wonder that Lafayette loves her so much. Usually, the character of the ghost horse is also private, and the dressing style is naturally comfortable. It is really one of the most popular “Star II”. However, how can I become fat like this at once, but I really didn’t understand it.