Lols8 finalist EDG vsINF video playback EDG opener

This year, the EDG team defeated RW and the third seed team rushed into the 2018 global finals again. Today, EDG ushered in its first battle, and also the first battle of LPL, beat the wild card team INF with perfect posture, and successfully won the opening. EDG blue party starts, choose Orne, Nightmare, Enchanted, Kasha, Tam. INF red imitation, choose Cyan, Qinggang Ying, Lulu, Verus, Shen. At 3 minutes, the single scout in EDG relies on personal ability to kill the other person in the single exposure and take the blood. At 6 minutes, EDG’s downstairs duo, with its powerful online ability, double-killed the enemy’s double road. At 8 minutes, the enchantress cooperated with the duo of the next road and killed the enemy Lulu again. After the resurrection, Lulu was once again killed by the enchantress with the nightmare. At this point, the gap between the two sides began to be opened. In the medium term, EDG continued to use its own lineup advantage, frequently catching orders, INF was miserable, because EDG pre-line created a big enough advantage, in the subsequent small-scale team battle The INF is completely unmatchable. At 17 minutes, the economic difference between the two sides was more than 8,000. The EDG form was very good. In 22 minutes, the enchantress and the nightmare killed the other pair C again in the wild area and won the big dragon. 25 minutes, the last wave of group battles, the demon Ji and Kasha two, directly into the back of the other side, spike double C-L Lulu and Verus, the front group battle INF was defeated by a blow, EDG wave ended the game. In this game, EDG completely played its own momentum, crushing the INF team from start to finish. The enchantress as EDG’s thigh scout performed well and repeatedly killed the enemy C, laying the foundation for EDG’s victory. Congratulations to EDG for getting a good start and winning the first win. I hope that in the next game, the Vietnam War will be more and more brave! EDG, come on! Previously reported that edg defeated rw: for the fifth consecutive year, he entered the global finals for the first time as the No. 3 seed in the S18 2018 League of Legends Global Finals LPL qualifier, EDG beat RW with a score of 3-1, and finished wearing a second in the qualifier. Achievements, which have defeated JDG and RW, have entered the global finals for five consecutive years, and this is the first time for the No. 3 seed to enter the S. The focus of the game EDG entered the S race for five consecutive years. The team history has never been absent: since its establishment in 2014, EDG has never missed the global finals and entered the S race in five years. EDG completed 1 wear 2 achievements: EDG from the first round won two BO5 wins, defeated JDG and RW, and entered the S8 finals without being optimistic. The game reviewed the first game: EDG forcibly crossed the tower and led to the collapse of the first game. EDG achieved a good advantage in the early stage, but with the failure of the tower, iBoy (Hu Xianzhao) Verus anti-tower died, Mouse (Chen Yuhao) Orne TP support directly kills EDG. With the formation of Kasha equipment in the middle and late stages, RW’s three front lineups were crushed to win the game, and the last hit iBoy was instantly seconds. In the end, Mouse Orne won the MVP of this game. The second game: Doinb Yasuo was beaten by the elementary school brother Tsar in the second game. RW In the case of Counter, Doinb chose the cable to the Czar of Scout (the primary school brother). Grab, on the road hard to grasp the big tree was replaced and fell into a disadvantage. Although the perfect team battle was launched in the battle of the canyon pioneer, RW was chopped by the Tsar’s big-cutting formation, and EDG quickly pushed the tower with a long lineup. Although the last wave of EDG was opened, Haro Qinggang’s stealing home won. The elementary school brother Tsar won the MVP of this game. The third game: Ray Orn single-killing old thief Scout Tsar Tianxiu helped EDG take the lead in the third game. In the early stage, both sides played wild and supported the road many times. Kasha won the advantage. In the mid-term team battle between the two sides, RW repeatedly seized the opportunity to regain the disadvantage, but because EDG’s double C played well, the late snowballs expanded their advantage. The Tsar three kills led the team to the high ground, and finally EDG won the game and took the lead in getting the match point. The fourth game: Haro blindly kicks back to help EDG enter S8! In the fourth game of Sima Laojiao’s inability to save the Savior, the previous RW order cooperated with the Emperor to invade the blind wilderness area several times, affecting the development of blind scorpion. In the mid-term, although the injury burst, but due to several mistakes in the team battle, EDG killed the baron. In the later period, the blind man swung in the crowd and kicked and killed, and Riz killed the snake girl. EDG won the double dragon buff, and under the buff bonus, the final EDG won 3:1 and successfully entered the S8. Source: Integrated Sina Tencent