Don’t be locked up by the coupe, the Volkswagen CC is actually changing the Magotan

Original title: China News Service, October 2, according to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe decided on the 2nd Abe Cabinet to reorganize the new cabinet members, the Chief Cabinet Secretary Yi Yiwei announced the list of cabinets. Among the total of 19 cabinets, 12 were first admitted to the cabinet, and 6 were retained. In the past, there was one in the cabinet. According to reports, the former revival of the basic craftsman (67 years old) served as the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the House of Representatives Yoshikawa Katsuyoshi (67 years old) as the agricultural phase, and the House of Representatives Iwaya (61 years old) as the defense. From the previous division of the party president, the former secretary-general of Shimao Shimao Mao, who was in the election of the party president, led the House of Representatives, Mr. Yamashita (53 years old) to become the law. There are only two women in the group before the reorganization. This is only one person, and is a member of the Senate Katayama (59 years old) who was appointed as a local creative person. In addition, the Special Assistant to the President of the Liberal Democratic Party, Chai Shan, Masahiko (52), served as the Science Department of the Ministry of Education, and the member of the House of Representatives Ishida Masahiro (66), the General Affairs Officer, and the House of Representatives Sakuda Yoshihiko (68 years old) as the Olympics, and the House of Representatives Harada Yoshida (74 years old) As a member of the environment, the House of Representatives Watanabe Bodo (68 years old) served as the revival phase, the Prime Minister’s assistant, Miyako Kobuki (67 years old), one hundred million of the total active and Okinawa North, and the member of the House of Representatives Hirai (also 60 years old) as the science and technology The senator, Senator Yamamoto Shunsan (63 years old) served as the National Public Security Commissioner and the disaster prevention officer. All are entering the cabinet for the first time. The regime’s skeleton, Yu Yiwei, and the deputy prime minister and financial officer Aso (78) stayed. In the face of the difficult negotiations with the United States, the foreign minister, Kono Taro (55 years old), the economic industry, Shigehiro Hiroyuki (55 years old), and the economic reincarnation, Miki Miki (62) are also retained. Qi Shijing (60 years old) from the Komeito Party’s land and transportation, in accordance with the party’s request, stayed in office. The issue of kidnapping is based on Yu Yiwei.