Chinese women’s volleyball team 3:0 victory over Turkey, the next game will be against Canada

Chinese women’s volleyball team against the weaker Canada 3-0 win without suspense Lang Ping will let 14 people play? 2018-10-0208:35 Source: Rock Langping / Women’s Volleyball / MVP Original title: Chinese women’s volleyball team against the weaker Canada 3-0 win without suspense Lang Ping will let 14 people play? The two-game winning Chinese women’s volleyball team will face the third opponent, Canada, in today’s group match. Because the opponent’s strength is relatively weak, so 3-0 won basically no big problem. Lang Ping will certainly use this opportunity to further observe the status of the main players and give the substitutes more playing time. In particular, Liu Xiaotong and Yang Hanyu have not yet appeared. This game should be able to get a little playing time. Lang Ping will let 14 players play, which is the biggest suspense in this game. In the first two games, the Chinese women’s volleyball team won by 3-0, showing a good state. In the case of Zhang Jianning, Zhang Chengning still completed the security-type main attack mission in place, which made people somewhat surprised. This also made some fans who called for Li Yingying’s starting game temporarily dispel the idea. After all, from the actual situation, Zhang Changning, who already has two world champions in hand, is obviously stronger than Li Yingying in terms of defensive defensiveness, and her injury has not let her offensive feel disappear. Naturally, Lang Ping will definitely choose a more balanced baby starter for offense and defense. Due to the long cycle of the World Championships, unless it is a special injury to the main players, it will generally start with a guaranteed feel. As for how long it takes, it depends on the progress of the game. Therefore, this game against Canada, Lang Ping will certainly send a familiar starting lineup to play. It is likely to be similar to Cuba. For the sake of protecting Zhang Changning’s body, the baby will play a game for about half a game. The rest of the time will continue to let Li Yingying familiarize with the strength and rhythm of the World Championships. Will Zhu Ting play 3 rounds? I personally feel that if the overall situation is fixed early, Liu Xiaotong will also replace Zhu Ting and play the time to play in the middle of the game. After all, in the main line of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, Liu Xiaotong’s role is also very important, even if Rio, like a Rio, an outbreak is enough. The other substitutes are relatively certain. Yao Di and Zeng Chunlei will definitely replace Ding Xia and Gong Xiangyu in the second and third tactics. These two people are especially important in the tactical system. If they can take the tactical intentions out of the unfavorable situation and help the team to tide over the difficulties, then it is a successful completion of the task. Therefore, Yao Di and Zeng Chunlei will definitely continue to look for cooperation. Hu Mingyuan’s replacement of Yan Ni is also a regular substitution. Xiao Hu’s serve has become a strong round of the Chinese team. This must be strengthened. Don’t leave behind for opponents. The 14th team, young deputy attack Yang Hanyu, did not get the opportunity to play in the previous two games. But the opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared. Like this game against Canada, Lang Ping may give Xiao Yang a few minutes of playing time. I hope the little girl will have a rare opportunity to play. Let’s start with the block and let the fans See the ability of the World Youth Championship MVP. You know, Zehla, who won the best offensive in the World Youth Championship with her last year, has already stabilized the main force in Turkey. Friendly reminder, the Chinese women’s volleyball team against Canada is still 18:20 in the evening, Hui Ruoqi Honggang is still on the CCTV channel 5 CCTV to bring you comment. Li Ying, Wei Qiuyue, Wang Hao and other new and old national players will also bring different styles of explanations on different platforms. As for who likes to listen to the ball, the fans choose their own. Back to Sohu, check out more responsible editors: Disclaimer: This article only represents the author himself, Sohu is the information publishing platform, Sohu only provides information storage space services. Read () complaint