King of glory: Face recognition technology will be launched, and the number of retreats will increase dramatically?

As we all know, the game business has made Tencent earn a lot of money, and a “Glory of the King” makes Ma Huateng jump to the throne. However, the social negative public opinion brought by the game has also caused Tencent a headache. Under the dual pressure of supervision and public opinion, Tencent Games proposed in July 2017 that “the “Glory of the King” as a pilot, the launch of the “three-axe” of the health game anti-addiction system”: limit the daily landing time and consumption of minors The amount, the upgrade and growth platform, and the enhanced real-name certification system provide protection for the healthy growth of minors. However, many people believe that these regulations are like a sugar-coated shell. They can easily escape the various levels of anti-addiction by simply using their parents or using other people’s ID cards and changing the effective contact information. Today, Tencent once again released a big move, this time even using black technology. Tencent officially announced that it will use the “Glory of the King” as a pilot, based on the previous access to the public security authority data platform, the small-scale face recognition technology test by video authentication. The test will be carried out in two cities in Beijing and Shenzhen. The system will randomly select a thousand new users of “King of Glory” and adopt a “video authentication public security authority data platform comparison” method for double verification and actual testing. The results were analyzed and evaluated in depth. This means that in addition to the related information real-name authentication, you will need to show your face in the future. For the use of face recognition technology, Ma Huateng publicly stated last year that based on the massive face data generated by Tencent’s social network platform, face detection, face facial features, face feature extraction, face comparison, face recommendation, A complete set of technical solutions, such as live detection, is already close to the highest level in the world. That is to say, technically speaking, the accuracy of the certification matching between the two can be 100%. This time, it is absolutely effective to prevent the incident of minors from indulging, and the primary school students are expected to tremble. However, it is reported that in the test of water face recognition, Tencent has conducted a targeted survey of more than 600 players of all ages and parents of underage players in Beijing and other cities. According to statistics, nearly half of the respondents expressed doubts about “playing games and showing faces”. Tencent said that on the basis of complying with relevant policies and regulations of the competent authorities, Tencent will continue to carry out more active explorations, and constantly improve the health online protection system for minors covering online games before, during and after the event, and work together with the community to advocate health. Games to help children grow up happily.