F-35 first crashed The pilot did not have a serious problem how to happen

On the day of the first crash of the F-35, a F-35B piloted by the Royal Navy pilot took off from the Patuxen River Naval Air Base in Maryland, USA, and landed on the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier on the Atlantic Ocean. British Defense Secretary Williamson issued a warm statement for the trial, saying that the combination of the Royal Navy’s largest warship and the world’s most advanced fighters marked the revival of Britain’s global strike capability. “Although the current goal is a bit humble, the significance of this moment cannot be ignored.” F-35B took off from the “Elisabeth Queen” aircraft carrier Williamson said in a statement that the US Navy is changing its position to respond The conflict between big powers, the British Navy has a lot to do with the responsibility of the war on terrorism. The F-35 series fighters developed by the JSF project are hailed as the most expensive weapon project in the history of the United States. The F-35B is a short-range/vertical take-off and landing type in the F-35 series fighters, equipped for the US Marine Corps. . Compared with the normal takeoff and landing A type and the shipborne C type, the F-35B has a shorter lift due to the addition of a lift fan, which also makes the structure more complicated and the reliability is relatively poor. However, its take-off and landing type can be favored by countries such as the United Kingdom and Japan that are trying to develop small and medium-sized aircraft carriers. The F-35 crashed for the first time. Currently, the US military has received more than 300 F-35 fighters, and the progress of delivering the F-35 to various international customers has basically progressed smoothly. As the size of this type of equipment continues to expand, the level of training and execution tasks continues to increase, and accidents naturally become more frequent. Perhaps the world’s first fall of the F-35, like the first battle, is a milestone in the development of this model. Previous 12