AnhuiMilitary Police attack sacrifice

Three men insulted because of public sacrifice, the auxiliary police were administratively detained. Because the netizen reported the reporter from the Yinchuan Municipal Public Security Bureau of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the three men made insulting remarks on the sacrifice of the auxiliary police Wang Yongliang, causing the indignation of the majority of netizens, resulting in extremely bad influences. After seeing these bad comments, some enthusiastic netizens reported to the public security organs and demanded that the public security organs severely punished them to protect the personality and dignity of the spirits. After receiving the alarm, the Yinchuan Public Security Bureau immediately launched an investigation. On July 30, three men who posted online information on the police were reported to the case. [detailed] Legal Daily 2018-08-01 Sichuan 2 police seriously injured a netizen released a disgraceful speech was arrested in Sichuan Renshou County Public Security Bureau issued an alarm report on the official Weibo on the 7th, the notice said that the morning of August 6, 2018 A personal extreme case occurred at the Fujia police station of Renshou County Public Security Bureau, causing two policemen to be seriously injured and sacrificed. After the incident, the entire Renshou city was sad, and the masses of the people were sad. On the WeChat platform, a netizen nicknamed “Mountains flowing in the mountains and flowing in the air” published a message in the WeChat group called “Harmony China Railway” that “the murderer is a hero, the police are the bandits who have obtained the certificate” and other disgrace comments. The dissatisfaction of the police is extensive and the impact is extremely bad. [Detail] China News Network 2018-08-07 12 years of military involvement in the rescue of more than 3,000 firefighters returning home to visit relatives when saving people sacrifices In the past few days, Tongzhou firefighter Zhang Lipeng returned to the home to save people when the news of the sacrifice, on the Internet caused concern. Zhang Lipeng is the squad leader of the Beijing Fire Fighting Corps Tongzhou Fire Brigade Business Park Squadron. He has been in the army for 12 years. On August 2, during his returning home visits, accompanied his parents to visit the Baishi Drifting Scenic Spot in Beipiao, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, when three tourists fell into the water. In a critical moment, Zhang Lifeng jumped into the water and tried to rescue three people, but he was killed because of his physical strength. [Detail] Beijing Youth Daily 2018-08-10 Sichuan tens of thousands of people bid farewell to the death of police Wang Tao, the auxiliary police Liao string remains eventually killed on the spot. After the incident, four injured people were sent to the hospital in time to escape from danger. The director Wang Tao and the auxiliary police Liao Xian were in the middle of the knife, and they died because of their injuries. [detailed] CCTV News WeChat public number 2018-08-11 Changsha, a netizen released an insulting Renshou sacrificed police speech was arrested on the 5th of August 6th, the suspect in Zhangshou County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province, driving a fake gun, 闯Jinren Shoufujia police station, bruised and chased the masses. At a critical juncture, Wang Tao, the director of the police station, fought more than 10 police officers and gangsters to fight blood and eventually killed him on the spot. After the incident, four injured people were sent to the hospital in time to escape from danger. The director Wang Tao and the auxiliary police Liao Xian were in the middle of the knife, and they died because of their injuries. [detailed] China News Network 2018-08-12 Guangxi a large truck rushed into the scene of the accident, causing traffic police, auxiliary police and other three people to sacrifice the warning report issued by the Tiandong County Public Security Bureau on the evening of 28th, showing that the traffic police brigade of the bureau During the handling of traffic accidents, the police assisted the police in the event of a secondary traffic accident, resulting in the death of a civilian police, an auxiliary police officer and a staff member, and an auxiliary police officer was injured. [detailed] China News Network 2018-08-29 police officers in the investigation of the black-related case when the sacrifice fell to maintain the running posture in late March, Fei County “sweeping black office” received a report on the black, the most important one The clue is that the suspect used to hire a murderer at the Xiangyang Forest Farm in Heilongjiang. Shi Fujun took the initiative to ask for help. Wang Shisen, member of the Feixian County Public Security Bureau, said that this coincides with the opinions of the bureau! After all, as the criminal investigation team’s heart, the most methods, the most capable of hard-core business backbone, Shi Fujun is the best candidate. [detail] People’s Daily 2018-09-27